Vision and strategy


To be a leading research company, developing groundbreaking treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and other severe disorders.


Our strategy is to develop a broad portfolio of symptomatic and disease modifying and preventive treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and other severe disorders using the following guidelines:

  • Right Patient: Focus on genetically, clinically and pathologically defined diseases to increase the possibility of clinical effect.
  • Right mechanism: The treatment is targeting genetically associated signaling pathways in Alzheimer’s disease and other indications
  • Right clinical testing: The clinical studies are based on validated biomarkers and preclinical methods with good translation to man.
  • Right treatment: Blood-brain penetrable small molecules, designed for safe and efficacious long-term treatments

AlzeCure Pharma continuously evaluates the possibility for future collaboration and licensing agreements with leading pharmaceutical companies, that can contribute to research, development, commercialization and geographic reach, in order to increase the value of our research programs and drug candidates.