Capital Markets Day 2023

AlzeCure Pharma arranged a Capital Markets Day on May 17 with Professor Bengt Winblad as an invited guest speaker.

The aim of the day was to present the developments of AlzeCure’s Alzheimer’s projects Alzstatin and NeuroRestore. Professor Bengt Winblad from Karolinska Institutet also participated, giving an update on the positive developments in the Alzheimer field. The presentations was followed by a moderator-led Q&A session where there was an opportunity to submit questions.

Presenters from AlzeCure are CEO Martin Jönsson, Dr. Pontus Forsell, Head of Discovery & Research and Dr. Johan Sandin, Chief Scientific Officer.

The Capital Markets Day took place in collaboration with FinWire,


10:00 Welcome address & agenda – Martin Jönsson, CEO, AlzeCure

10:02 AlzeCure Pharma: Overview, vision & update – Martin Jönsson, CEO, AlzeCure

10:10 Alzheimer’s disease, societal challenges & recent developments in the field – Professor Bengt Winblad, M.D., PhD, Karolinska Institute

10:25 Alzstatin: Background & evolution – Johan Sandin, PhD, CSO, AlzeCure

10:45 NeuroRestore: Background & data supporting disease modifying effects – Pontus Forsell, PhD, Head of Discovery & Research, AlzeCure

11:05 Panel discussion & QnA – Lead by Martin Westerberg, FinWire

11:25 Concluding remarks – Martin Jönsson, CEO, AlzeCure