The Company’s statutory auditors are appointed by the Annual General Meeting. The auditor must review the Company’s annual report and accounts, the annual report of the group and significant subsidiaries and the Board’s and the CEO’s management.

The auditor shall submit an auditor’s report to the AGM at the end of each financial year. According to the Company’s articles of association, the Company shall have one or two auditors and at most one deputy auditor.

Grant Thornton Sweden AB (P.O. Box 7623, SE-103 94 Stockholm) has been the Company’s auditor since 2017, with Micael Schultze being auditor in charge since 2017. Micael Schultze, date of birth 1959, is a chartered accountant and a member of FAR, the trade association for auditors in Sweden. The total remuneration of the Company’s auditors in 2017 was SEK 65,000.