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AlzeCure – Interview at Redeye with CEO Martin Jönsson about the phase II study with ACD440. (Swedish) June 23, 2022

AlzeCure at Redeye Growth Day June 2, 2022

CEO Martin Jönsson Presenting at Redeye Growth Day May 23, 2022

AlzeCure – Alzheimer event at Redeye 3 May, 2022 (Swedish)

Watch the Analysisguide’s interview with AlzeCure’s CEO Martin Jönsson – about events in the company and the future. March 14, 2022 (Swedish)

CEO Martin Jönsson is interview by BioStock on the company’s latest developments, including the ongoing rights issue. March 14, 2022

CSO Johan Sandin explains the science behind AlzeCure’s project portfolio and what distinguishes it from other pharma companies. (Swedish) March 14, 2022

Watch the interview with AlzeCure’s CEO Martin Jönsson – about events in the company and the ongoing issue. (Swedish)

See CEO Martin Jönsson and CSO Johan Sandin, present upcoming events in the company and the ongoing issue. (Swedish)

AlzeCure – New presentation at Penser. (Swedish)

CEO Martin Jönsson presents AlzeCure’s development, plans and success. 

Latest newsflow February 3. 2022 (Swedish)

CEO Martin Jönsson presents at Aktiespararna January 31, 2022 (Swedish)

AlzeCure Pharma – Kapitalmarknadsdag, Januari 18 2022

AlzeCure medverkar på Erik Penser Banks temadag Life Science, December 2, 2021

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AlzeCure Pharma – Redeye Life Science Day, November 11, 2021

AlzeCure update on the latest developments – Interview with CEO Martin Jönsson about the company, its projects developments in Alzheimer’s and pain, and future plans.

Alzecure presents at Healthcare Innovation Summit, October 7, 2021

Alzecure Pharma – Naventus Life Science Summit, September 29, 2021

Aktiespararna intervjuar VD Martin Jönsson – senaste kvartalsrapporten och framtidsutsikterna. 20 september, 2021

AlzeCure Pharma – Aktiedagen Stockholm, September 7 2021

Strategy Update on Alzheimer’s Disease & NeuroRestore, September 1, 2021

Alzheimer’s disease and the neurotrophins BDNF/NGF by by Prof. Maria Eriksdotter M.D., PhD, Prof, September 1, 2021

Company Overview & Vision by Martin Jönsson CEO, September 1, 2021

NeuroRestore Background and evolution by Dr Pontus Forsell, PhD Head of Discovery & Research, September 1, 2021

Development plan for NeuroRestore ACD856 by Dr Johan Sandin, PhD Chief Scientific Officer, September 1, 2021

Om AlzeCures uppkomst och utveckling – Ett embryo som kan bli något stort –

med Bengt Winblad, professor, senior vid Karolinska Institutet

Om Alzstatin och läkemedel vid Alzheimers sjukdom –

med Bengt Winblad, professor, senior vid Karolinska Institutet”

Om att drabbas av Alzheimers sjukdom, diagnostik, vården idag samt framtida behov –

med Bengt Winblad, professor, senior vid Karolinska Institutet”

Negative Allosteric Modulators of TrkA for the Treatment of Pain – Scientific presentation at the IASP conference on pain, June 2021

Alzecure: CEO Martin Jönsson present at Redeye Growth Day

TrkA- NAM – Project in osteoarthritis & other severe pain conditions Head of Discovery & Research Pontus Forsell

ACD 440 – A novel VR1 antagonist for neuropathic pain CSO Johan Sandin

Chronic Pain – a high unmet medical need CMO Märta Segerdahl

Company overview and goals CEO Martin Jönsson

CEO Martin Jönsson after the company’s annual meeting

Interview with Martin Jönsson CEO in Aktiespararna’s analysis guide

CEO Martin Jönsson presentation, Aktiedagen Lund

Interview with Johan Sandin (CSO) in Aktiespararna’s analysis guide

AlzeCure Pharma provides a scientific update on Alzheimer’s disease and the Alzstatin project platform

Presentation with Redeye – Science & Market update – September 1, 2020

Welcome to AlzeCure…

CEO presentation video – Annual meeting May 20 2020 (Swedish)

Lär känna vd Martin Jönsson – Redeye Research Interview March 19, 2020 (Swedish)

Aktiedagen March 16, 2020 (Swedish)

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