The Board of Directors

The Chairman and members of the Board of Directors are paid fees according to the decision of the General Meeting. The Annual General Meeting of 16 May 2018 decided that the Chairman of the Board would be paid a fee of SEK 100,000 and that the other Board members who are not employees of the Company would receive a fee of SEK 50,000 each. At the Extraordinary General Assembly held on 15 October 2018, it was decided that the fee for Pirkko Sulila Tamsen would be pro-rated in relation to Pirkko Sulila Tamsen’s service period in the period from the Extraordinary General Assembly to the end of the next Annual General Assembly. The Board members are not entitled to any benefits after their assignment as Board members has ceased.

In 2017, no remuneration was paid to the Board members.

Board member An van Es-Johansson, through the wholly-owned company van Es Consulting AB, entered into a consulting agreement with the Company in September 2018, according to which she must provide services relating to Phase I-studies and the development of the clinical programme. The assignment does not include the Board assignments carried out within the framework of the Board assignment obtained by the General Meeting.

CEO and other senior executives

Remuneration to senior executives who are employees may consist of basic remuneration, pension and other benefits. Notice period and compensation on termination is individual and regulated in the respective employment agreements. For the CEO, a mutual notice period of six months applies. Under the employment agreement, the CEO is entitled to remuneration from the Company amounting to the difference between the CEO’s monthly salary at termination and the new CEO’s salary received in the six months following the date of termination. This remuneration may not, however, exceed 60 percent of the monthly salary received by the CEO from the Company. AlzeCure’s employment agreements include provisions under which all intellectual property rights developed by employees as a part of the latter’s employment shall belong to AlzeCure. The Company’s employment agreements include no competition clauses.

Other than as stated above, no senior executive is entitled to remuneration upon termination of employment.