Rights Issue 2022

The subscription period for the Rights Issue ended on March 22, 2022 and the summary shows that 8,654,688 shares, corresponding to approximately 57.3 percent, were subscribed for by the exercise of subscription rights. In addition, the Company received interest from investors of subscribing an additional 324,629 shares without the support of subscription rights, corresponding to approximately 2.1 percent for a total subscription with and without the exercise of subscription rights of 59.4 percent. Consequently underwriters of the Rights Issue will be allocated 20.8 percent of the Rights Issue thus resulting in that AlzeCure obtains SEK 48.5 million before issue costs. Notification of allotment of shares subscribed for without exercising subscription rights will shortly be sent to those who have been allotted shares via contract note. Nominee shareholders receive notification of allotment in accordance with the respective nominee’s routines. Allocation of shares subscribed for without the exercise of subscription rights has been carried out in accordance with the principles stated in the prospectus that was published on March 4, 2022.